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Title - Label Services
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Types of Runs, Sizes of Runs, and the Role Cost Plays
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We Can Print on Roll Fed Stock
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Save Money Before Producing Physical Samples
Vivid Photorealistic 3D Images of Your Product
Rotate and Zoom In/Out On Your Product
Animating the Products Functional Features
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Touch, Feel, and Collect Feedback on Your Pre-Production Samples
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Title - Virtual Product
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Photorealistic 3D renderings help in creating visuals for focus groups and sales
presentations in order to evaluate market response and feedback.
3D visuals can help shorten approval times and costly mock-up stages before final production.


  •  They're Digital
  •   -  You can send them as attachments via email to multiple
    individuals at once. Sending digital attachments speeds up package-development time,
    product reviews, and securing approvals. Changes related to Color, Text, and Images are
    easily modified with digital files.

  •  Cheaper than Physical Samples
  •   -  Cost associated with 3D Prototypes is cheaper than
    physical samples (Comps). A variety of package scenarios and "What If" runs
    can be created in digital while with physical samples, one version at a time
    must be manufactured.

    MATERIALS NEEDED (Please Send):

  •  Images of Product
  •   -  Send either SCANNED or DIGITAL PHOTOS.
    ( 6 different angles total = Top / Bottom / Left Side / Right Side / Front / Back )

  •  CAD Drawings
  •   -  Or send AutoCAD files of these 6 different angles.
    ( File Extensions: OBJ, DXF, AI, FACT, DWG, LWO, 3DS, Etc.)
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