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Title - Examples of Labels
Title - Examples of Labels
IMAGE - Examples of Labels
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Title Bar - Examples of Labels

Consumers are grateful for labels, whether they know it or not.

They instruct us how not to use electrical appliances, and help prevent us from overdosing
on medicine, starting fires or eating spoiled foods.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Warning Labels   Image - Warning   Image - Caution Labels   Image - Safety Label

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Bath and Body (Cosmetics) / Personal Care
With the highly competitive nature of this industry, it is imperative to have professional
quality labels that will make your products stand out.
Which is why crisp graphics and vibrant colors are a must!
We print all types of eye catching bath & body product labels, including lip balm labels,
essential oil labels, soap labels, cosmetic labels, candle labels, lotion labels, and more.
Click Below for Example:
Image - Wipes Label   Image - Kidz Shampoo Label

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Bumper Stickers (Decals)
Bumper stickers are fun items lots of people like to put on their vehicles to express their school
spirit, make a statement, political views or show off something about themselves.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Obama Bumper Sticker   Image - High School Bumper Sticker   Image - Mayor Bumper Sticker

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Cleaning Products
Printed labels in the cleaning products category must maintain their beautiful printed
appearance when exposed to harsh chemical solvents, moisture, and UV light.

Labels must be resistant to smearing, fading, or corrosion due to incidental drips and spills
that occur while handling the cleaning product.

Limit the costs of storing printed labels in inventory where labels may become obsolete,
damaged or lost by ordering only the amount you need via smaller quantities (or short runs).
Click Below for Example:
Image - Hand Soap Label   Image - Laundry Detergent Label

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Clothing (Retail)
These clothing and apparel size labels are used to display the size of your product clearly
for easier sorting or browsing. These durable yet gentle size labels can be custom made to
reflect your brand.

Ideal for folded or unfolded apparel.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Fashion Label   Image -  Clothing Size Label Square Shape   Image - Kidz Clothing Label   Image - Clothing Size Label Circle Shape

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With a well designed discount coupon, you can motivate consumers to purchase your product.
An instant redeemable discount costs a very small percentage of the total cost of your product
and its packaging, but delivers a big return.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Buy 2 Get 1 Free Coupon   Image - Huggies Coupon   Image - Clearance Sale Label

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Food Products
Your food product label is your most important marketing vehicle and can make
or break the success of your product. Food packaging plays a significant role in consumer
choice and product display.
Whether you need ingredient labels, hot sauce labels, salsa labels,
barbecue sauce labels, coffee bag labels or private labels you will find that we can print
your high quality labels in small quantities at a reasonable price.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Apple Cider Label   Image - Bread Label

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Mechanical (Industrial) / Instructional
These labels have to survive the dirt, grime, wear and tear they are subjected to on a daily
basis. Whether extreme temperatures, sunlight, chemicals or moisture, these demanding
conditions play a part on wearing down a label.
Mechanical (Industrial) Labels are used in applications as wide-ranging as under the hood
of automotive products to electronics, lawn equipment and aeronautics.
Labels used in this market do not have to sparkle.
It has to withstand!!

Click Below for Example:
Image - Globally Harmonized System Label   Image - Instructional Label   Image - Danger Label   Image - Gas Warning Label

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It is more economical to print short runs of your nutraceurical labels, with digital printing.
This helps control your costs and allows you to test new products without investing a lot of
money in product labels.
The nutraceuticals industry is rapidly expanding, and encompasses everything from
vitamins and herbal remedies, to essential oils and beauty enhancement products.  
Attention to detail is critical.
With our high resolution digital label printing, you can list product ingredients and
instructions on your nutraceutical labels and stickers in very small type that is still readable.
Click Below for Example:
Image - Kids Vitamin Label   Image - Dietary Supplement Label

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Bottled Water
Custom water bottle labels are a great way to promote your company, wedding event,
or welcome guests and clients to your business.

Our labels are water resistant and able to stand up to temperature extremes and
other environmental factors without peeling.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Water Bottle Scratch Off Label   Image - Spring Water Label

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Wine Bottle
We understand that few products are judged as critically by their labels as wine.
One of the benefits of digital label printing is that now even small boutique wineries can
print wine labels that look professional in small quantities without paying exorbitant prices.

Label color, graphics, vintages, alcohol content, grape names, and quality
all combine to earn highly desirable shelf space that will draw your customer in and
get them to pick up your bottle of wine.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Wine Label

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Promotional (Scratch-Off Games / Novelty Stickers)
What's sometimes forgotten is the fun factor of labels.

Think children, and the delight that they get when given stickers to play with --
cartoon characters, animals, sports logos.

Here the label is the TOY..

Even adults can join in the fun by interacting with game labels like "Scratch-Offs".
Scratch-offs are very popular because they give the consumer an opportunity to instantly win,
and consumers enjoy being surprised...

It's natural human curiosity.

Click Below for Example:
Image - Kids Dental Sticker - Whale   Image - Zoo Sticker   Image - Water Bottle Scratch Off Label   Image - Tooth Sticker

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