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Title - Label Services
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Types of Runs, Sizes of Runs, and the Role Cost Plays
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We Print on Roll Fed Stock
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Touch, Feel, and Collect Feedback on Your Pre-Production Samples
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Title - Roll Fed
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Roll Stock
Image - Label Roll Stock
Roll Unwind Direction
Image - Roll Unwind Direction
Label Sizes
Image - label Sizes and Shapes
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In addition to graphics, clients are also looking for unique and unusual media to attract
consumer attention. We are able to print on a broad selection of mediums, depending
on your fulfillment process.

Roll Stock:
  •    Roll Core ------------------------------------ Core Diameter ( 3 inches )
  •    Roll Diameter ----------------------------- Outside Diameter ( 6 inches )

  • Roll Unwind Direction:
    Roll unwind directions determine how the rolls of labels are facing at the time of application.
    Usually it is important only when the labels are going to be machine-applied.
    If you're intending to hand-apply each label, roll unwind direction usually is not important.

    (Click Image to see Example)

    Label Sizes and Shapes:
    We have a large and ever-expanding selection of label sizes and shapes. Since we are
    adding sizes all the time, we will most likely have a size in a shape that is very close to
    what you want. Please call us.

    (Click Image to see some Label Size Examples)

    Most Common Label Stock:
    The best materials make the best stickers and we donít skimp on sourcing the best sticker material.

  • Matte
    a smooth satin finish, white synthetic face sheet with a permanent, general
        purpose adhesive. Great for vibrant graphics, reactive coating locks in ink. Another
        great benefit to Matte Labels is the ability to write on them, which works well for Name
        Tags at events. Matte is recommended for indoor applications and protects
        a labelís ink from coming off.

  • Glossy
    if your product label has a lot of deep and rich coloring, then choosing a
        glossy label finish will often be the best option. A glossy label can really help colors
        "pop" and appear extremely vibrant, and it also makes text look a little sharper.
        Gloss laminates work great to protect a labelís inks from rubbing off or smearing.

  • Clear
    labels get that transparent look. Clear Stickers are also great if you are
        looking for a heavy duty label option for products that need to hold up in the outdoors.
        Fully synthetic, glossy face sheet with a permanent, general purpose adhesive.

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