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Title - Placemat Advertising
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Title - Benefits
IMAGE - Restaurant Table Setting
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Title Bar - Benefits of Placemat Ads

Why a Placemat Ad?

Local restaurants provide the ideal captive audience for your ads. As they await their meals
( whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner ) you have their undivided attention in which to read
about your product.
Depending on the restaurant, you will reach numerous customers within a 3 month span.

      Average Cost:
       - 2" x 2" Ad
       - Cost = $230

Restaurant Owner:
- NO separate placemats needed for ADULTS & KIDS (see example placemats below)
- Templates reflect seasonal changes (Christmas / Easter / Halloween / etc.)
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How It Looks?

Typical Placemats:
- 1 Color Print
- Cluttered / Disorganized Information
Text - Example of Typical Placemats       Text - Example of Typical Placemats

Our Placemats:
- Multiple Colors Available (able to capture your company's branding & logo)
- Organized and Legible Ads
- Games, Trivia, and Coloring Sections

                                                              (Click Image to Enlarge)
Image - Placemat Example with Puzzles       Image - Placemat Example with Cowboy Hat
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